Dr. Gregory L. Easson more...

Greg obtained his Ph.D. in 1996 from the University of Missouri at Rolla. Recently, Greg has served as a professor in the University of Mississippi's Department of Geology and Geological Engineering. Prior to his academic work, he worked for the U.S. Geological Survey and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Dr. Gregory L. Easson


Phone: +1 662 915-5995

Office: 110 Brevard Hall

Email: geasson@olemiss.edu

Carol B. Lutken more...

Carol's training is in biology and English (Duke University) and in geology (The University of Mississippi).

Carol B. Lutken

Associate Director for Research Programs

Phone: +1 662 915-5598

Office: 101 Brevard Hall

Email: cbl@olemiss.edu

Marco D'Emidio more...

Marco received his M. S. degree in Geology from the University of Rome La Sapienza. He specializes in both off-shore and on-shore geospatial analysis.

Marco D'Emidio

GIS Analyst

Phone: +1 662 915-7320

Office: 104 Brevard Hall

Email: mdemidi@olemiss.edu

Jeremy J. Dew more...

Jeremy obtained a Bachelor's degree in Geology from the University of Mississippi. His primary focus in our Energy division is to continue the project of cataloging and scanning our well log collection.

Jeremy J. Dew

Research Associate

Phone: +1 662 915-5624

Office: 036 Brevard Hall

Email: jjdew@olemiss.edu

Allison S. Innman more...

Allison received her B. S. and M. S. degrees in geology from the University of Mississippi. She is a GIS research analyst for the University of Mississippi Geoinformatics Center, a Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute program.

Allison S. Innman

GIS Analyst

Phone: +1 662 915-6598

Office: 105 Brevard Hall

Email: asinnman@olemiss.edu

Larry D. Overstreet more...

Larry's duties include copper and fiber optic cable placing, splicing, testing, and repairing. He also works with electronics related to digital transmission.

Larry D. Overstreet

Electronics Technician

Phone: +1 662 915-7320

Office: 111 Brevard Hall

Email: loverstr@olemiss.edu

Dianne Welch more...

Dianne relocated to Oxford and joined the Institute in November 2008 after a long tenure in public accounting with Dixon Hughes PLLC in Memphis, TN. She is a CPA licensed in the State of Tennessee and holds a bachelor of business administration in accounting degree from the University of Memphis.

Dianne Welch

Manager of Project Resources

Phone: +1 662 915-5740

Office: 111 Brevard Hall

Email: drwelch@olemiss.edu

Steven B. Tidwell more...

Recently received B.S. in Geological Engineering from The University of MS.

Steven B. Tidwell

Research Associate

Phone: +1 662 915-7320

Office: 111 Brevard Hall

Email: sbtidwel@olemiss.edure...