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The well logs and information in the Ridgway Data Center (RDC) area available at no cost. The log in information is requested to allow MMRI to see the number of unique visitors and be able to report these numbers to the legislature.

The well logs and information in the RDC were obtained through the generous support of Julius Ridgway. This information was obtained from multiple private collections of former oil and gas drillers and operators in Mississippi and the region. Since these logs are from multiple geologists, there may be duplicates for a given well log. While this may cause extra well logs to be downloaded, it may also provide a better scan of a duplicate log and interpretative notes on a well log.

The well logs are organized in folders by the time period of the scanning and uploading. This allows users to reduce the number of duplicate logs that may be downloaded. Once you select the date folder, each Mississippi County with logs will be displayed. Under each county folder are the townships and ranges in that county and under each township and range combination will be a folder or folders in ‘zip’ format or in some cases, scanned individual logs. When you click on the file with your mouse, you will be prompted to download the file.

Please report any problems with this site to Greg Easson at MMRI at geasson@olemiss.edu